4 April, 2021

No walking lately because there are WAY too many people in town for Semana Santa! Most of them will be leaving today or tomorrow, so I don’t have long to wait. I think I’ll take my next walk to Juárez and maybe grab some lunch there.

I’ve mentioned before that I have a timeshare in Puerto Vallarta. I usually use it in October or November, and often make another trip sometime during the year (just seven hours by comfortable bus – pretty easy to do). I’ve been traveling there for over ten years now – it’s a place I really enjoy, but it’s a smaller town than I want for a place to live.

Since I have an interest in Puerto Vallarta I belong to several Puerto Vallarta Facebook groups. I thought I’d mention one of them here as it often applies to México in general. It’s called ‘Coffee & Headlines’ and is maintained by a gentleman named Paco Ojeda. Every day he produces a video for English speaking people living in Puerto Vallarta. As I said, a lot of his information translates to other cities in México. You can watch the live broadcast on Facebook every day at 10:30 am Puerto Vallarta time/9:30 am Mazatlán time here: https://www.facebook.com/pacoojedalivehttps://www.facebook.com/pacoojedalive. If you miss the live broadcast, you can pop over to YouTube and see the show here: https://www.youtube.com/user/ojedapaco/videos.

Today’s show featured a woman he knows who spent some time talking about what she calls ‘Mexicution’. Her definition isn’t in the list of meanings from what you’ll get Googling, but more about the buildup of things that happen to change your attitude about living in México. Over time I have seen several people who live in México a year or two, then return to where they came from. They all have one thing in common – they always refer to the place they came from as ‘home’, and not where they’re living in México. Living in another country requires a shift in perspective and you won’t be happy there until you learn how to do it. If you’ve made the move and are having trouble, or not – and just want some good advice, I recommend giving the interview a watch. You can see it here: https://youtu.be/AUTJH3AMeEw?t=1060. In case it doesn’t start at the right place, you want to watch from the 17:40 mark.

And here are a few photos from my last walk. Fog was rolling in and eventually engulfed El Faro!

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