6 April, 2021

The scale was not nice to me yesterday. It seems all of my diet cheating caught up all at once! I gained 3 lbs, so the walks are going to happen and whole pizzas will NOT be eaten for one, or even two, meals!

I did a short walk yesterday, over to the Embarcadero Playa Sur, then up to Paseo del Centenario, over to Olas Altas, to the Mercado Pino Suarez for a quick cocochata, then home. I hit my 10,000 steps – but just.

Today was a walk to the Mercado Municipal Miguel Hidalgo in Juárez, then down Av. Insurgentes to the Malecón where I hopped on the Sabalo-Centro bus. 15,000 steps and counting!

I enjoy grabbing a few photographs in the mercado … here are today’s:

That last photograph shows one of the cenadurias – there’s always someone eating there, so either they have a large family to feed, or their food is good.

During my trip to Acapulco in 2019 I saw an inflatable penguin. If you’re from my era you might remember the big clowns that were weighted at the bottom that I think kids used more as punching bags than anything else. Well, the penguins are like that. Only smaller. I didn’t buy one when I saw it, then I couldn’t find them again anywhere! Until today!!! Sr. Pinguino is now guarding my front door! Best is that he was $65 pesos – $3.25 USD! Here he is posing for a photo before I took him outside …

Sr. Pinguino
Sr. Pinguino

While walking down Av. Insurgentes I keep seeing restaurante MiYeya. As you can see by the photo of their exterior wall, it’s hard to miss. This time I walked over and checked them out. Seems that they also have a breakfast buffet on Saturday and Sunday! It also looks like they’ve changed the day they close from Tuesday to Monday. They say that Uber Eats delivers from them, so I’ll have to see if I’m in range – or give the buffet a try!

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