31 May, 2021

My 2 week wait after the second vaccine is done, and I’m enjoying not having to wear a mask everywhere I go. I still have one or two with me in case I’m somewhere that requires them (currently some shops/stores, and transportation – buses/trains/airplanes). I will also abide by whatever guidelines are in place in Mazatlán when I get home … but I think I can move the hand sanitizer from my pants pocket to my backpack. I bought a button that says I’m vaccinated – and wear it when I go out just in case someone might get snippy that I’m not wearing a mask.

There’s a walking/biking trail two blocks from my house in Seattle (the Interurban Trail), so I’ve been taking a few excursions trying to get back in the habit so I might more easily resume my walks in Mazatlán. The 20 lbs. I’ve gained since my trip in late October is not comfortable, and really needs to go away. The diet resumes the minute I get home!

Yard work at the Seattle house is almost done. Not a small task, the green field of two foot tall grass that was the back yard no longer is. Mail has been forwarded. Garbage collection paused. Tomorrow I’ll change the batteries in the security cameras. Then things will get unplugged, hot water tank will be turned off, and any food will be traded with the neighbor for a space in her can for my last bag of trash. I’ll make my way to the train station and then have a day and a half of watching the world go by!

I see that one of the nice Facebook pages about Mazatlán only has 911 members. That would be the ‘Mazatlán México sunrise and sunset by Yvon Marier’ page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1371473443035406). If you’re a fan of the sunsets in Mazatlán you might want to join in on the atardecer fun. It’s always nice to be able to give it a look when I’m not there to see one in person.

Next on my agenda is a trip to Lety’s for a little beach, botanas, and beer. I can almost feel it now!

Carmelita's, Lety's, and Victors @ La Isla de la Piedra
Carmelita’s, Lety’s, and Victors @ La Isla de la Piedra
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