9 June, 2021

I’m always surprised at my first trip to the grocery store after getting back home. I bought almost too much to carry back to my apartment, and the total was $20.56 USD. Throw in the $20 I spent at the mercado for chicken and machaca, and some already prepped veggies, and $40 gets me what $100+ did in Seattle.

Today's groceries
Today’s groceries

I made time for an excursion to Stone Island on Sunday. Did a dry run on a new video camera. It definitely doesn’t like the heat in Mazatlán, but before it overheats it does a pretty decent job! If you want to spend a half hour at Lety’s, then another 30 minutes of me getting to Olas Altas, give it a view. You can always kick it into 2x speed mode – or just end it early. It’s always nice to be able to see the beach even if you can’t be there!

Stone Island beach time.

And now, for a little wake-up call for some. INM is cracking down on foreigners without valid tourist permits. Most of the stories I’ve seen have been in Quintana Roo, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t checking documents other places too. Deportation is happening. If you don’t have valid permits, then I would suggest you correct the situation asap. I know that when I’m traveling by bus there are usually checkpoints where they go through bags AND ask for tourist permits/residency cards from those who aren’t citizens. Now INM in Quintana Roo appear to be randomly stopping people. If you don’t want to carry your documents with you (as I believe is required) then at least have a photo of front and back in your phone. They likely will still need to double check your status, but at least they’ll have something to go off of.

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