17 June, 2021

More playing with the new camera. This time I walked from the south end of Playa Norte to the Gold Zone Soriana (old Mega). Took the fun contraptions off of the camera and it recorded the whole hour without overheating once!

“Whole Hour”? Yes, so feel free to double speed, skip ahead and back, find things you want to watch – or just set it going and get some vicarious exercise!

You may note that there’s one point where I peek into a trash can. That shot is there to explain why the malecón has so much trash blowing around. A few years ago the city put these really nice trash recepticles on the malecón. At first they had liners in them, but it didn’t last long. And without the liners, the design of the recepticles is such that if you put trash in the top, it falls out the bottom. Brilliant.

Another pause is to look at one of the old VBike signposts. VBike is one of those ‘pay to use bicycle’ services. At one point they were installed all along the malecón. I ‘heard’ that the city wasn’t getting paid to let them use space on the malecón, so they were forced out. Bike lanes all along the malecón, and if you don’t own one you have to figure out where Baikas has rentals. Brilliant x 2.

I also turn and show the road you take to get to the bus station, and of course the condo’s/apartments/hotel??? where El Chapo was finally caught.

Ok, so on to today’s walk! …

Walk Mazatlán’s malecón at Playa Norte!
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