20 June, 2021

Tropical storm Dolores made a drive-by last night! Just after midnight I heard the skies open and the rain come tumbling down! I think I’ve said before that my end of the street slopes, so I don’t have the flooding problems that are prevalent in other parts of Mazatlán. Sometimes a couple of FEET of water will accumulate in streets; if it happens to be one of the streets the buses use, then workers are in for a bumpy night.

Today I decided that I would hit restaurant MiYeya and see how their weekend buffet fits in with my discriminating food tastes (lol). Turns out it fits very well. So I grabbed my backpack and called an uber. The only problem is that they were packed (Fathers day? Normal Sunday?) and I didn’t make reservations. They were extremely accommodating and made a spot for me at the place where the woman makes tortillas. A little live entertainment, a little lengua, some coffee to wake me up – for $179 (about $9.00 usd) pesos (before propinas) it was a nice morning.

Lengua and chilaquiles from the weekend buffet at Restaurant MiYeya
Weekend buffet at MiYeya

Afterwards I decided that I’d walk down Av. Insurgentes to Colonia Juárez and visit the Sunday tianguis. As I said, my street slopes so I don’t have problems with rain water – but not so much Av. Insurgentes! I had to dodge lots of puddles and a few side streets that could have been traveled by boat. If you have a desire to watch my traveling travails, or just want to see a stretch of Av. Insurgentes, feel free to give the video of the walk a view (https://youtu.be/Dd7TJ5E-jHc). Otherwise, you can jump straight to the tianguis and stroll around with me for a few minutes! Enjoy the audio while you can … Youtube is claiming there’s a copyright violation from the music blaring from one of the shops and it’s going to go away at some point soon! [and, going … going … gone!]

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