26 June, 2021

So today was Mazatlán Pride. I went. For some reason I thought that the red light that came on when I pressed record on my new camera meant that it was recording. Silly me.

I do have a couple of shots from the camera …

Mazatlán Pride Dog
Leading the Pride Parade

But that’s it for pride!

On the way to where the parade started, I passed the little park like area at the south end of Playa Norte. One of the guys that puts a stick with fish at the end in his mouth for the sea birds to come eat started screaming at me that I couldn’t take photos. They aren’t his Freaking birds so he can Freak off. I wasn’t shooting HIM, or his fishy little stick! If he wants to come take pictures of me in Plazuela Republica when I scatter birdseed for the pigeons, he’s more than welcome to. Because they’re NOT MY PIGEONS either. Perhaps no video was my karmic payback? Hmmm – still NOT HIS BIRDS! Lol.

Sea birds in Playa Norte

Anyway, it was a great day for the parade. Sun was shining, and there was a strong breeze that cooled everything down. Not so sure how things are going in the after party because it started to cloud up as I went home. And now it’s raining!

Clouds over the Cathedral

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