2 July, 2021

When you get to a certain age you think you’ve seen it all. Yesterday I saw something I’ve never seen before! At first I had to blink a couple of times because it didn’t seem real, but it was! And of course I had to look it up on the internet!

A kaleidoscope. That’s what it’s called. A kaleidoscope of butterflies. They weren’t monarchs, but rather the plain white ones I’ve always called cabbage moths. But there were a couple thousand of them. One big ball of fluttering white butterflies, followed by about 20 minutes of stragglers – alone and in small groups.

They all seemed to be headed towards Cabo. Is there a party I’m not invited to? Really, it was both strange and awe inspiring at the same time. No pictures, but here’s one of monarchs I ‘borrowed’ from a website.

It seems that there’s always a Yang to every Yin, and yesterday’s was one of the Youtube vloggers I [used to] follow who said he thinks he has Covid, but is going to get on a bus and travel. What? Even if it’s just a bad cold or the flu, only an irresponsible person gets into a metal tube with dozens of other people when they’re ill. And only someone who has left their intelligence someplace else vlogs about doing it. Good luck to you, but more luck to those who are around you!

Skies this morning in Mazatlán are grey, and it looks like one of those 50/50 kind of days. Rain, or sun. Sun, or rain. If I go on a walk now and it rains, I’ll be soaked by the time I get home. On the other hand, if I wait until the clouds burn off it’ll be too hot to walk! Where’s a beer and a table at Lety’s when you need one? Hmmm, that’s a thought! Nah. Today needs to be an ‘order tortas ahogadas’ day from El Mono, so I need to stay home! Maybe next week?

And in closing I’ll leave you with today’s breakfast. Back on my diet. Veggies are the only consistent foods that are low in calories, so I’m eating a lot of them. Well, potatoes aren’t so low calorie – but hey, sometimes you have to do what you have to do! I am thinking that perhaps a serrano and a jalapeño both were overkill, but I’m enjoying a little morning tingle!

Scrambled eggs with veg.
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