17 July, 2021

I have some very evil neighbors! I was looking out my window on Monday, and saw them tying one of those big vinyl signs to the side of their house. The last time a sign went up in my neighborhood, it was outside the apartment below me and advertised treatment for lice. Thankfully THAT one is gone!

The neighbors were putting up a sign for a restaurant called ‘Taqueria Guadalajara’. There’s a facebook page with minimal information (https://www.facebook.com/Tacos-De-Asada-Guadalajara-108458334777181) that says they’re on the outskirts of town. I don’t know if they moved or if they opened a second location. Either way, my diet is in serious trouble!

Here are some photos. The first is from their Facebook page. No price for the Huaraches, so I’m guessing they aren’t doing them here.

Their prices are very decent for the amount of meat you get. I’ve only had the asada (con todo = onion, cilantro, and beans) because they’re always out of lengua by the time I get there. Not even going to try the sesos – no thanks! 🙂 And they gave me a grilled jalapeño and a grilled serrano with my order of three tacos. My to-go order of two tacos just had a serrano – but it was enough! If you’d like to give them a visit, they’re at the corner of Ángel Flores and Francisco Villa (the street Francisco Villa, not the colonia!), facing the Francisco Villa side. I think they open around 7 pm. Their sign says they’re closed on Wednesday, but this week they were open on Wednesday and closed on Thursday so we’ll just have to wait and see.

I cooked some chicken breasts in the insta-pot a few days ago and had 4 cups of gelatin after. Four cups of liquid is what I use for a cup of dry lentils, so that was a no-brainer! I find it takes a little longer to cook lentils in gelatin, so it’s boil for 30 minutes instead of 20. I think tonight’s dinner may just be lentils with shredded chicken! Mmmm! Diet, watch out!

Lentils cooked in chicken gelatin.
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