26 July, 2021

Just a quick update. Mazatlán is going to start requiring vaccination cards in shops, restaurants, bars, etc. on 2 August.

Here’s a copy of the post on the Facebook group Mazatlan Rant & Rave:

Covid-19 Restrictions

And here’s a video on Youtube. You can turn closed captioning on, then select translate to English if you need to …

Covid-19 Restrictions

The video suggests that the actual card needs to be shown. I’ll have photos in my phone as well, and will try to use that first so I don’t have to get my card smudged.

Here’s one more document:

May be an image of text
Covid-19 Restrictions

The google translated version of above:

  • As of Monday, August 2, we will require proof of vaccination from anyone who is going to enter a business, entertainment center, restaurant, bar or club.
  • We call on those who have not been able to apply a vaccination, take advantage of the date of lag attention that the vaccination program maintains in Mazatlán.
  • The measure of unrestricted use of face masks and / or protective mask is maintained to leave the house to carry out any activity.
  • It is requested that all young people between 18 and 29 years old go to the UAS sports center, convention center, military hospital and German Evers court to get vaccinated.
  • That all Young People from 18 to 29 Years old register and go to the vaccination center that corresponds to them, for this the hours have been extended from 7 AM to 7 PM.
  • It is important to come on the day of your appointment with your vaccination record in its new version with the integrated QR code, since only this will be valid for your vaccination to be applied.
  • We call on employers or businessmen in general to encourage their workers to go to get vaccinated.
  • That employers or employers who wish to transfer their workers, have access and ease to receive their vaccine at any vaccination center.
  • The municipal covid center continues to offer low-cost tests, by appointment and socioeconomic study.
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