2 August, 2021

I think I’ve mentioned Rub BBQ before (https://www.facebook.com/RubBbqMexico/), but it’s been a while and lately I’ve been feasting on tacos and tortas … I did make a couple of chamorros last week, but I cooked them in the insta-pot and didn’t smoke them first.

I watch this guys videos from Mazatlán because he goes places I like, or that have the kind of foods I like that I haven’t been to yet. He just posted one from Rub BBQ. It jogged my brain into thinking maybe I need to order from them again soon! They’re a little north of El Cid, but they deliver so I don’t need to make the bus ride!

I like their food, but it had a stronger smoke when they first opened. Now a lot of the smoke flavor is hidden under their BBQ sauce. It’s too bad, because the smoke flavor is really what you’re going for in a restaurant like this. And their food is pricy. Yes – you get a lot for your $25 usd, but I could get ten tortas ahogadas for the same amount. Again though, it’s a specialty restaurant that’s offering something difficult to find, and if you don’t have a smoker or a bbq then this is the only way you’ll be able to satisfy the need! And really, someone else doing the hours of prep can be worth a few extra dollars.

So get out your whatsapp and give them a shout, or if you’re in the neighborhood make a visit. Rub BBQ. Tasty and easy. And they’ll bring it to you. And give this Youtube channel a watch now and again!

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