16 August, 2021

Just a short update on the post from 26 July.

Ley Express in Centro did not ask me for proof of vaccination when I went in. Then again, the woman at the door had her back turned and was occupied by something else. Several people entered and exited without her even seeing them. So I can’t definitively state that the policy is not to ask for proof of vaccination/negative covid test, just that they didn’t ask me on my one visit.

Mercado Pino Suarez DID ask me for my card. And they didn’t have a problem with the one from the USA. But the entrance guy only glanced at it, not long enough to see if it was real, nor hard enough to see if it was even mine.

My new neighborhood taqueria isn’t asking, but they reduced the number of tables they set up. I’ve been getting orders to-go though.

Loncheria Zambrano was business as usual for my torta to-go. No questions, just exchanged my money for their torta. I don’t know if they’re asking when you sit in their little dining area. Looks like the same number of tables inside. Perhaps they’re limiting people going in.

Sadly, this is the extent of my wandering since the 2nd when the policy went into effect. I heard that eleven citizens have gone to court and they (the eleven individuals) now don’t have to provide proof when asked. Presumably they do have to present the court documents which seems to me would be more bothersome to carry and explain. And I have not heard of any of the courts here moving that quickly. I read it in one of the newspapers, so hopefully it’s not wrong – just very very quick for the court system here to move that fast.

CDC Covid-19 Vaccination Record Card

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