31 August, 2021

For the past two months I’ve been watching a friends two perritos. They were lots of fun and it was nice to have company, but they would howl any time I left. Yes, I could hear them from the street. So I didn’t leave unless I had to. I made it two months with only two visits to my lavandaria, and two grocery runs – that’s pretty good!

Then the minute they left, hurricane Nora was on her way. Add a couple of days of constant rain, keeping me inside again.

Today the sun was shining and the birds were singing, so I decided on an adventure! I needed chicken so I hopped on the 20 diciembre Juárez bus and rode to the Juárez mercado. Traffic on Av. Gabriel Leyva is still a nightmare because of construction. Even worse than when I was doing my walks to Juárez, especially after the rain. I saw a Jumapam crew trying to fix something, and one of them was standing in a hole filled up to his neck with water!

I like my chicken guy at the mercado Pino Suarez, but the big polleria in the Juárez mercado just calls to me. So I bought two whole chickens there. They were about 4 lbs each, and the total was $200 pesos (~$10 usd). Not the cheapest chickens in the world, but they were big! And they gave me a lollipop! We’ll see what the chickens taste like when they come out of the instapot!

The neighbors who used to live across from me, and now live below me, have an inflatable pool that their little boy plays in when it’s extra hot. He doesn’t have any pool toys, so after buying the chickens I popped over to the ‘fun stuff’ store across the street and bought him a little inflatable penguin. Not as large as the one I have, but it’s something that’ll fit in the pool.

Then I got the idea I’d walk home. The chickens were pretty cold, so I wasn’t too worried about them. Started on my way and as I was walking I thought perhaps I’d stop at the asaderia, Carnes y Pollos Asadas ‘El Diablito’. They’re at the entrance to Parque Bonfil – pretty hard to miss because this is a busy intersection. They were busy. And near their closing time. And they were doing the chickens to order. I waited anyway. Most of the neighborhood asaderias were charging $150 pesos for two chickens last year, now this one is up to $160. Keep in mind these are little chickens. I could easily eat one as a meal. Not while still staying on my diet, but I could! Easily!

Got the chickens. Ran across the street and grabbed the first bus home. Threw the whole chickens into the instapot, then I had a little lunch from the pollo asado. First, it was still piping hot – the packaging was that good. Second it tasted great! It was worth the wait. Is it better than El Pechugon? No. Not much can beat El Pechugon’s seasonings. Same tiny chickens. It is cheaper by a little. But El Diablito doesn’t have the roasted potatoes that you can get at El Pechugon either. If I lived in the neighborhood I’d definitely frequent them. Note that the photo below is from google maps, so these are the options you can buy – but not the current prices!

El Diablito. At the entrance to Parque Bonfil off Av. Gabriel Leyva.
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