6 September, 2021

You might think that keeping the floor clean in a 600 sq ft. apartment would be fairly easy, but it’s not. Regular sweeping aside, when I CLEAN the floor, it involves dusting the day before, then taking everything off of the floor and piling items on the couch, bed, and kitchen counters. Oh, and the couch ‘cushion’ is a large rectangular thing that I take a brush to, make sure all the crumbs are off, and then undo from the frame, swivel it in the other direction, and reattach it.

Once everything is off the floor, I give it a sweep. Then I get the mop bucket, add water, a little bleach, and a little fabuloso. About thirty minutes later I’m done, and if I step carefully I can position myself in a little area by my living room windows that always seems to dry first. Another 15 minutes and I can make my way to the kitchen where I put my computer back together and check my mail. By then the bedroom is dry, so things get put back there – and now the living room is ready to tidy up.

I used to have someone clean it once a month, but she had schedule revisions – and really, I can use the exercise, especially with the whole ‘covid-19 stay at home’ thing. And the $200 pesos I save buys me 2/3 of a pizza from La Rustica.

And so today my floor is clean. In anticipation I ordered a pizza last night, and I am eating it responsibly in order to stick to my diet. And now I can walk around my apartment barefoot again! Woo!

I ventured out last night because my fitbit was telling me that I was severely under my daily step goal. Made my way through town to Monos Bichis, then to Olas Altas via the malecón, and home. Added about 8,000 steps to the day. Still not where I wanted to be, but I was breaking in some new sandals, it was sunset, and I had pizza at home!

Since hurricane Nora went past parts of Mazatlán have had issues with water. Specifically, there was damage to one of the water sources that Jumapam has, and other sources clogged with silt. So they reduced the amount of water they were processing and delivering to the city. They say that they’ve been rotating who gets water to try to be equitable, and that service is going to be restored fully starting tonight and finishing on Friday. I have not run out of water. My tinaco holds three days of water under normal use. If I’m careful I could probably stretch it to 5 days. If I’m REALLY careful, maybe a week. As I said, I haven’t run out – but the water purification store on the corner is doing a hopping business, so at least some people in my neighborhood are having problems. Or perhaps they’re preparing for a potential problem.

At the end of June I stopped at a mariscos restaurant, La Tradición del Chuma, that I’ve passed several times while on my walks. Totally forgot to take a photo of their name, so I didn’t post anything about them then, but I remembered to take a photo yesterday! They’re behind the playground near Monos Bichis, and then up a block on the corner. I ordered the garlic shrimp. Came with rice, spaghetti, mashed potatoes, and the shrimp. Not a large portion, the shrimp were the small ones, and they were very overcooked. And they were pricey. The flavor was good, and the sides were fine, just not something I’d order there again. Frankly, based on what I had I wouldn’t go back unless I had a reason. BUT, I’ll say that I’ve had things at El Changuirongo that were very similar – and I like other things they offer, so this could just be a case of ‘you ordered the wrong thing’.

And on that note I’m going to go rest my back for a couple of hours and then take another walk! My goal weight is in sight, and I want to hit it before I take my next trip (YES! Another trip in the works!).

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