16 January, 2022

There was a post on one of the Facebook groups I follow about restaurant MiYeya recently. It reminded me of how long it’s been since I had a little visit, especially on the weekend when they serve their buffet brunch. Add that I’m going to put myself back on my diet starting tomorrow so I pulled myself out of bed this morning, put my walking shoes on, and made my way to the restaurant. Food and service were as good as my other visits; my only complaint being no lengua on the buffet! Lol. They did have a VERY tasty mushroom dish though, so my disappointment didn’t last long. Total bill for the buffet and coffee was $179 pesos. Add the tip (yes, I tip at buffets – someone seats me, someone cooks the food I eat, clears my table, and washes my dishes) and a tip for the guy who sings and I was back out and on my way home.

I did three Mazatlán Tourist Aide Volunteer shifts this past week, so my legs were in shape to walk both TO MiYeya AND back home. I decided not to backtrack through Juárez, even though today is tianguis day, and turned South on Av. Ejército Mexicano. I almost walked the few blocks further to the malecón, but decided that the walk through town would be more interesting. Not prettier, but a little more interesting.

I now have an app that makes a map of where I walk so I don’t have to do it myself! It keeps getting the distance wrong, but saves me a bit of work! Here it is, with a few photos along the way.

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