24 January, 2022

The Mazatlán Weekly
The Mazatlán Weekly

Being retired I am often looking for little projects to help while away the time. Beach days are always welcome, but don’t seem to happen as often as I thought they would. The Mazatlán Tourist Aide Volunteer shifts get my 10,000 steps in for the days the cruise ships are in port. I make entries here whenever I think enough time has passed, or if I have something new to share about Mazatlán or one of my trips. Lately though I’ve had a little more time on my hands than I want, so I started a new project.

I start every day by reading my emails. In the emails are several from newspapers and media outlets so I can keep up with the goings on in my city, state, country and the world in general. I was thinking it might be fun to get these in one place though – and then thought that perhaps other people might like that too. So a new ‘I’m retired’ project has begun.

The Mazatlán Weekly is my new venture. My original intent was to aggregate the weeks news stories from multiple sources that I thought might be of interest to the English speaking residents here in Mazatlán. In getting it going I am thinking more and more that it really could be updated more frequently, but perhaps I’ll stick to a weekly guarantee and anything more will just be a bonus to those who decide to give it a read.

If you make a visit to my new site keep in mind that I am still tinkering and getting things the way I think would be easiest for others to use. You may see layouts and menus change in the upcoming few days so don’t be frightened!

So if you’re interested please give the site a look. If you find value in it there’s a button to ‘Buy Me a Coffee’, but the site is totally free. I would like to recoup my costs and if I don’t get enough coffees then I may start allowing a little advertising – but if I do it will be labeled as such and will not be obtrusive. I will also not be abandoning this site – frankly it’s the way I remember the details of what I’ve done and when! Not having to clutter my head with things like ‘Which city was dusty? Was it Manzanillo or Zihuatanejo?’ is a good thing. Even were I to appear on Jeopardy I don’t think that would be in any category!

Comments and suggestions are welcome, the Facebook page for this site is probably easiest (https://www.facebook.com/adventuresinmazatlan). Thanks!

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