31 January, 2022

Claro Shop desk
Claro Shop desk

I live VERY minimally here in Mazatlán. With the exception of my kitchen, since I bought my apartment it’s been a couch, television in a little ‘entertainment center’ and an end table. The bedroom has a bed and a wardrobe. I had curtains made. Oh, and a medicine cabinet in the bathroom. That’s it! Granted, my apartment is 60 square meters, so there’s not much room for anything!

This whole time my computer has been sitting on the ‘breakfast bar’ in my kitchen. Not a bad spot, but no chair and standing after all this time was getting to me. Recently Facebook started flooding me with furniture ads. Namely computer desks. I broke down. First I bought one from an ad that appeared several times under different company names. If it ever arrives it’ll be the day I win the lotteria. I decided to hedge my bets and order one from a reputable company when I started getting ads from them. Desk and chair arrived a couple of days ago.

Being in an apartment with no exterior door it’s difficult receiving deliveries here, so my ever gracious property manager let’s me use her address (thank you ever gracious property manager!). So today was the day our schedules meshed and I popped over to get the deliveries. Within 3 minutes of dragging boxes to the street I flagged down a taxi with a luggage rack, and another 3 minutes I was at my apartment! I will say that lugging a 50 lb. box with pieces of desk up my 30+ steps was not a pleasant ordeal. Too much dust on one step made my foot slip at one point – but I maintained my grasp on the desk, regained my composure, and lugged it up the remaining steps.

Of course both the desk and chair were ‘assemble yourself’ projects, just like something from Ikea. Chair was a breeze. Desk had two pieces that were the same, when one was supposed to be slightly different – so at some future day and time I may obtain a drill and make holes where holes should be but aren’t. Things are stable without them so I’m fine waiting.

The desk fits pretty well in my entryway. And the computer fits pretty well on the desk. I like having my breakfast bar in the kitchen back. Tomorrow I’ll move the things off of the water dispenser table/shelves thing I have in the kitchen that holds two garrafones of water – and then I’ll have that area too (I would have done it today, but a big gecko ran over there when I moved the computer – I didn’t want to make him move twice in one day)!

And in case you haven’t visited my new project, please give it a look! https://www.mazatlanweekly.com

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