15 February, 2022

I’m not a big Home Depot fan. Not in the USA and definitely not here. But they’re the only ‘one stop’ place I know of when I need something tool or hardware related. So I buy from them occasionally. Light bulbs for my ceiling fans are one of those times – they take those little 40 watt candelabra bulbs and I haven’t seen them anywhere else.

Last week I used my last bulb, so I thought I’d walk to Home Depot and get some more. Yes, it’s a long walk from Centro – and by the time I got there and found my bulbs I was a little tired. So when the packages of bulbs were stapled shut because someone had opened them, I grabbed the first package that wasn’t stapled. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t notice that this package contained the bulbs with the large base. My ceiling fans take the small.

So today was a choice between trip to Home Depot to exchange bulbs or do a Mazatlán Tourist Aide Volunteer shift because there was a cruise ship in port. Home Depot won out! They’ve also put up several monigotes (the big puppets) on the malecón so I thought it might be a nice change to make my way to Home Depot using a nice ocean backdrop. And heck, I took some photos so you can see the monigotes too!

2022 Carnaval. Still not decided if it’s a go or not because of the pandemic. Somehow I think they’ve decided that it’s a go – and they’re posturing, but I have nothing to back up that suspicion. In any event – enjoy some fun monigotes while I enjoy knowing I have backup light bulbs once again!

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