19 February, 2022

Unfortunate trip to the Juárez neighborhood today, where my diet was thoroughly assaulted by the MiYeya Restaurant buffet. The intended stop was at Carnicería Hermanos Carreón and at the spice/herb shop next door to it in the Mercado Hidalgo – which I made; but then my feet took me to the buffet! Darned feet! I did walk all the way back home – mitigating a few of the buffet bruises.

Sausages from the carnicería for dinner. I enjoyed the smoked one best. They suffer from my sausage making problem though, in that they skimp on the fat. Good news for my recovering diet but bad news for the flavor profile. Still worth the $$ both in taste and not having to buy ingredients, grind, stuff, and smoke them myself. And much better than the last batch of sausage I got from the European Sausage Kitchen. And the spice/herb shop had my marjoram leaves – not ground to powder. Now I’ll be on the rye flour hunt, and then I can make my favorite Polish soup, Zurek!

The carniceria also told me they could get me my chamorro WITH the skin still on it – “come back Monday”. Chamorro is one of the lower priced cuts from the standard butcher – we’ll see what these are going to set me back because they still have the skin 🙂

Carnicería Hermanos Carreón
Carnicería Hermanos Carreón
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