9 March, 2022

I haven’t been doing much other than the Mazatlán Tourist Aide Volunteer shifts when the cruise ships are in town – and have even skipped those this week! I did do one thing I’ll be writing about later, but today I thought I’d just post a few pictures of my walk this evening.

I started off by walking to Olas Altas, then to the restaurant La Marea. I went down their stairs to Paseo del Centenario, walked back to Olas Altas and along the malecón to Av. Zaragoza. Turned on Aquiles Serdan because I wanted to stop at Loncheria Zambrano to get a torta for dinner (it was delicious!), then made my way back home. 10,000 steps right before I hit Loncheria Zambrano, so I’m good to go. I did a roundtrip to Colonia Juárez on Monday and put in 15,000 steps so my feet are feeling the friction of the pavement!

Here’s my walking route: https://mt.513gs.com/?d=b8f0d3&l=en&u=2, and a couple of photos:

From the walk on Monday … https://mt.513gs.com/?d=b8f0f5&l=en&u=2. Yes, it’s a long walk, especially when you stop at the Mercado Hidalgo in Juárez and have to carry your shopping all the way back! The photos along with the route on this one are of a bunch of fire vehicles that had their sirens on and were honking like crazy. I’m not sure what was going on, but they weren’t going to a fire! The second is a little train for children that I’m going to tell people is the extension of El Chepe that they keep promising to bring down to Mazatlán from Los Mochis!

Ok. More to come in a few days after I do some research. In the mean time, enjoy!

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