28 April, 2022

No matter what country you live in, there’s going to be a lot of paperwork involved. In the USA you need a SSN (social security number). You file your 1040 tax form annually. You’ll need a drivers license or state identification. If you own a vehicle it’ll need to be registered.

In México it’s pretty much the same. If you’re a temporary or permanent resident you’ll have your residency card. Then you’ll need a CURP. There’s an RFC number that’s usually for tax purposes. These two items are basically like the social security number in the USA. Inapam card (used to be INSEN) if you’re a senior and want the 50% discount on the long haul buses, free CDMX metro rides, and other benefits.

Now there’s a new one to get. Again, it’s only for citizens, temporary and permanent residents. This one is called ‘Constancia de Situación Fiscal’. Evidently you’ll need it in June of this year (2022).

Thankfully the process to get the new ID number is fairly simple if you already have your CURP and RFC. Two Expats México have made a great video on how to apply. They’ve actually made several videos that cover the CURP and RFC as well.

Here’s a link to an article with the video for the Constancia de Situación Fiscal. Links are there for the others – or you can just look at their videos from their YouTube page (recommended). Enjoy!


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