3 May, 2022

Just saw an article about ‘new’ procedures to get an INAPAM (senior discount) card. The requirements look exactly the same as when I got mine a few years ago, and they only list one procedural change in the processing so it doesn’t look ‘new’ as far as what you need, or have to do to get one.

The INAPAM (used to be called INSEN) card gives citizens and lawful residents (both permanent and temporary) a variety of discounts around México. My favorite discounts are the free subway rides (show your card to the guard at the turnstyles and he/she will let you in) and the 50% discount on the long haul buses. If you don’t have an INAPAM card, just follow this article and make a visit to the DIF offices in Centro.

Here’s the article:

What are the requirements to apply for the new INAPAM card? – The Sun of Mazatlán

It was recently announced that there will be a change in the INAPAM Card for 2022. It is necessary for older adults, or their children, to take this into account because it will change the procedure for those who wish to enroll in the program.

It should be noted that during the Easter vacation period the services were suspended, however, older adults can now begin the process, which will allow all those over 60 to be part of the institute.

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What is the INAPAM card for?

The INAPAM Card is granted to older adults who meet the requirements, since through it they can obtain benefits such as:

  • discounts on public transport
  • food support
  • Cultural activities
  • Plane tickets

That is why this card is highly requested by people in this age range. However, due to the pandemic, the procedures changed, since previously the request had to be sent to the delegation of the National Institute for the Elderly, but now this step will be left out of the process.

Which are the requirements?

The documents requested are: 2 photographs without glasses or child-sized face mask, birth certificate, official identification and CURP, and do not forget that the procedure is free.

The first thing you should do is:

  • Go to the subdirectorate of INAPAM.
  • Request the processing of the card.
  • Verify your age through your voter ID, driver’s license, passport, IMSS ID, ISSSTE ID.
  • Verify your address with your voter identification card or any account statement or receipt (electricity, water, telephone, etc.) that has your current and complete address, no more than 3 months old.
  • At your appointment you will be asked to place your fingerprint and signature.
  • Done, all you have to do is receive your new credential.

For foreigners with temporary or permanent residence in the country, the following documents are required:

  • FM2 or FM3. [Note: these are the old names for the temporary and permanent residency cards]
  • Naturalization letter.
  • Temporary residence permit.
  • Valid passport.
  • Accompanied by a proof of address in Mexican territory.

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In case of any doubt, you can call 01 800 0073 705 or you can send an email to the account contacto@inapam.gob.mx

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