26 June, 2022

Six weeks of being sick and I finally got out of the apartment and took a walk. I haven’t had many days over 1,000 steps so I was a little apprehensive about doing my ‘normal’ walk of around 15,000 steps. Since I’ve lost several pounds I decided to celebrate with a visit to Restaurante MiYeya. I did however, take the bus to Colonia Juárez where I started the walk. Saved me a few steps and lots of sweating!

Only one trip through the buffet today, but I got some chilaquiles roja, a couple of chicken guisados, beans, potatoes, and some birria. The birria made some good tacos! Add a glass of jamaica and a cup of coffee and I was good to go! TWO busloads of customers (I think I overheard they were from Chihuahua) were there and they were hopping for a while! But service was good, food was excellent, and the only thing missing was the guy sitting by the door who sings.

Restaurante MiYeya Buffet
Restaurante MiYeya

I also made a stop at Gasparin on the way home and got a couple of hamburgers to-go (they have a special 2 hamburgers for $100 pesos). So now I’m at 9,440 steps for the day. If I walk around the block I’ll hit the 10,000. I was very sweaty by the time I got home, and needed a little nap (that’s not unusual), but the breathing was fine and there are no aches and pains. Only unusual thing is a little blister on my foot, so I think I can resume my normal activities without worrying that I’m going to drop like a rock on the sidewalk somewhere.

Just noticed I have a couple of visitors playing in my living room! They usually come out at night and LOVE my kitchen, so I was surprised to see them playing in the living room!

Gekos playing on my living room wall

Ok. Now that I’m not convinced I’m going to keel over if I exercise I’ll start in on my ‘track the buses’ project! Lol.

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