7 November, 2022

Well! It’s been a while!

Traveling is a good thing, but it’s also nice to be home. A couple of months in Seattle, where the weather was unusually nice. Then a week in Puerto Vallarta, a week in Acapulco, and a week in México City. 15 hour bus ride home today which wasn’t bad in comparison to the 23 hour bus ride from Puerto Vallarta to Acapulco! Did you know that the bus leaves Puerto Vallarta going NORTH – almost to Tepic? Then it goes to Guadalajara, México City, Cuernavaca, and finally Acapulco! Crazy!! I tell people that the buses in México are luxury buses, but not even a luxury bus is luxurious after 23 hours!

I’ve posted a multitude of photos from Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, and México City so I’m going to skip those. I did visit Teotihuacan, and have posted photos from there too; but there’s been one place on my list for a while and it’s been closed because of Covid. Well, it’s open now so I took a 2 hour bus from México City to see it!

Tula de Allende has an archaeological site from the Toltec peoples that is crazy fun. The museum on site is still closed, but the site is open AND YOU CAN CLIMB UP the main attraction – something you can no longer do at Teotihuacan (they first stopped people from climbing the pyramids of the sun and moon ‘because of covid’. Now they’re saying they want to stop erosion from foot traffic. Don’t get me started!). And now that I’ve visited, I can say I’ve been to the State of Hidalgo as well!

So here are some photos of the site to entice you to go. If you don’t want to take a bus there are several organized tours from México City. Teotihuacan is still my #1 recommendation – but Tula is a solid #2. Sadly, Tula doesn’t have a restaurant in a cave close by like Teotihuacan does! Enjoy the photos, and I’ll get back into the Mazatlán mode and begin posting about local things again soon!

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