21 December, 2022

I am usually up North during the winter months, so being here now is a little disconcerting! I am definitely enjoying the 80 f. weather instead of the snow, wind, drizzle, and grey that I get during Winter in Seattle! And it’s cool enough to wear jeans instead of shorts – which is another nice change.

Other than the weather, there have been a couple of discoveries. Something in my head said that it was time, after these few years of living here, to finish getting furniture for my apartment. Had a couch, a bed, a computer desk (recent addition), a wardrobe from the previous owner that raid resistant termites really liked, and a couple of end tables. Oh, and some very wobbly stools for the kitchen nook that could be leaned on, but not sat on.

I’ve been playing with getting Amazon deliveries. First to the local DHL office near the Jumapam office. That worked really well and got a few steps in towards my 10,000. Then I decided to see if the delivery people would read the special delivery instructions you can add … so I left a little message saying ‘call my cellphone so I can come open the door at the street’ (remember, I have an interior apartment).

It worked! Not once, but twice! So I ordered furniture! I was going to do it in stages, so I replaced my stools.

Stools – but NOT my apartment!

Furniture from Amazon is like Ikea – you have to assemble everything; but the new stools were pretty easy. Then I changed my mind and pulled the plug. Metro Shelving unit for clothes. Coffee table. Bedside table. End table. Shelf unit. Ordered them all on the same day, and of course they were scheduled to arrive on different days! LoL. Delivery was actually pretty quick, and I think within 10 days I had everything. I believe I could now get a job at Ikea demonstrating how to assemble furniture!

Metro Shelves for clothes
Living Room with furniture and plants!

Now I have furniture, and it still looked a little bare … so time to find houseplants! There are far too many places listed on google maps that aren’t there any more. Made a trip to the Sunday tianguis in Colonia Juárez for a few, and then found a place in Playa Sur that primarily sells succulents called Distrito Verde (https://www.facebook.com/distritoverde.mzt). I still need a few more plants, but for now I’m good!

The apartment, with furniture, is now telling me that the walls need attention. I’m going to seek out a place that will print photos on canvas and take care of that situation, but not right away 🙂 I think the next purchase will be a full length mirror for the bathroom door. Now THAT should inspire me to stay on my diet!

Speaking of diet – I finally stopped at Santas Ahogadas on Av. Ejercito Méxicano. Not as good, in my opinion, as El Mono – but pretty close. Will keep them on the list as a backup. Here’s a parting shot of the torta ahogada I had! Have a good holiday season people!

Torta ahogada from Santas Ahogadas

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