15 January, 2023

January is my tinaco cleaning month. Usually it’s the air conditioner maintenance month as well, but I wasn’t in town during the summer, and haven’t run them since I’ve been back – so I think I can wait another year.

Tinaco was cleaned and new filters put in, and I replaced the filter at my sink unit as well. These get changed every 6 months. They’re not cheap at Home Depot, but better than lugging garrafones of water up my 30+ stairs! I’ve discovered a store that sells tinaco’s and supplies. It’s called ‘La Casita del Plomero de Mazatlán’ and is on Josepha Ortiz de Dominguez – just at the North end of the panteón municipal #2 (the one in Centro on Gabriel Lleyva). I should pop in there next time I feel like tacos from Tacos Borrachos Emlio and see if they carry them (and how much they might be). I should also ask if they sell tinaco lids – we have roof jumpers in my neighborhood who steal them. The previous owner of my apartment had a great idea, and screwed the lid down! The roof jumpers don’t usually carry screwdrivers, but they might catch on 🙂

On another note, the new Mayor of Mazatlán, Edgar Augusto González Zatarain, met with a group of us from the Mazatlán Tourist Aide Volunteers. Nice to see the inside of the municipal building and meet the mayor – and he was very responsive to our suggestions for a few maintenance and upgrade items that would help the cruise ship passengers have a better experience. Here’s the link to an article: https://www.mazatlanweekly.com/2023/01/14/no-mayor-of-mazatlan-had-asked-us-about-our-needs-foreign-volunteers/.

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