18 January, 2023

Living in Centro I’m a little removed from the Colonia Francisco Villa, but I’m surprised it took me this long to find out there’s a Sunday tianguis there, just like the one in Juárez – except this one is at night!

Turn on Closed Captions, and translate!

The couple of posts I’ve been able to find about the tianguis say it’s at the Plazuela de la Solidaridad. Seems to start at dusk and go until ????

In any event, looks like a lot of food and t-shirt stalls – I didn’t see any kitchen sinks and auto side mirrors like I do in the Juárez tianguis though! So, Sundays you can get your fill … Juárez in the day, and Francisco (Pancho) Villa at night! Eat some good food. Buy a new t-shirt. Have a great time!

Plazuela de la Solidaridad

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