22 January, 2023

If you’re a fan of Asian food, Mazatlán is a little lacking. There’s a lot of ‘Americanized’ Chinese food available – much of it not good. There’s Nao Kitchen Bar – very good, but it’s a mish-mash of Asian styles. You can go shopping at Toyo for ingredients, but stock up if you find something because it may not be there again!

The other day I saw a post about a new Asian food store called Super Oriental Price Market. It’s on the Av. Del Mar, just North of Intercam Bank. So I endeavored to walk there yesterday and check them out.

My usual walk these days takes me down Av. Ejército Mexicano so it was nice to walk the malecón. Plus, they’re installing the carnaval statues! Here are the ones I walked past …

They’re cute, but I liked last years better. And a couple of them didn’t look like they’d survive a hard breeze – there was a little bit of a breeze yesterday and they were moving noticably.

Back to the topic … I made my way to the Super Oriental Price Market. Inside not very big, about half the size of Toyo. Less offerings – a lot less offerings. BUT, they had the magic food that I’ve never seen at Toyo. Something I’ve been schlepping down from Seattle every time I make the trip. It’s not cheap, but it’s also not the crazy high price you’ll find on Amazon.mx or Mercado Libre.

Lao Gan Ma Chili Crisp!

CHILI CRISP!!!!!! It’s the small 7.41 oz jar, and it’s $90 pesos (~$4.65 USD). I bought two jars to join the half jar I had in the fridge. I will still have to ration it, but now I can be a little more free – like a teaspoon on my morning eggs. Or a rice + chili crisp side dish. Or maybe a little on the tortas I buy from Loncheria Zambrano. I was so excited that I took the bus home instead of walking!

It looked like they had the better part of a case of chili crisp on the shelves, so there’s plenty available right now. If you are a chili crisp aficionado then run, don’t walk, to the Super Oriental Price Market and buy up as many jars as you desire.

This has been a public service announcement from your local chili crisp fan!

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