15 February, 2023

Just a couple of short updates ….

First, Jumapam has reopened their payment portal. You can now make online payments again. For those who aren’t always in town and don’t like to pay ahead, this works really well. Here’s the article from Jumapam: http://jumapam.gob.mx/?p=67955. Note that the ‘User Code’ that they’ll ask you for is near the upper left of your bill, and listed after ‘Código:’. Enter it without the dash. The site is showing that I owe for my current bill, even though I paid it at the offices a few days ago, so it’s still got a little work to go 🙂

Second, I’ve been asked a few times recently how people can join the Mazatlán Tourist Aide Volunteers group aka ‘Blue Shirts’. We provide assistance to visitors of Mazatlán on cruise ship days and during the Artwalk nights. There are several fixed positions, and also ‘roving’ spots. If you were thinking of volunteering please give Julie Morgan a shout via email at: juliemazatlan@yahoo.com.

And to plug my little Mazatlán newspaper endeavor again, please visit https://www.mazatlanweekly.com for news and events. I know it’s called ‘Mazatlán Weekly’, but I do try to update it daily from a conglomeration of English and Spanish newspapers. Note that I use Google Translate for the Spanish articles, and definitely don’t have the time to edit each one – so if the wrong pronouns are used, or there’s a strange translation … talk to the hand 🙂 LoL.

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