20 July, 2023

Just a quick update while I’m enjoying the first two months in Istanbul …

Of course almost immediately after arriving I received a WhatsApp message from my neighbor. The float valve in my tinaco stuck, and it wasn’t shutting off the water. Call to my property manager and it’s shut off – but my security cameras haven’t shown me anyone actually fixing it. Hopefully by the time I get back. There’s a big plumbing store across from the cemetery, and I have a new, taller step ladder. I’ve replaced several toilet float valves – I think I could probably handle this one.

Landed in Copenhagen. Saw Tivoli Gardens (an amusement park), and went on a nice walking tour. The tour didn’t go to the statue of the little mermaid, so I found my way there and got a few photos. Prices in Copenhagen are similar to Seattle, but the woman at the counter in the hostel pointed me to a little food court just past the entrance to the amusement park – the offerings there were a little more affordable.

Then flight to Istanbul. I’ve been here almost a month and a half. The weather, on average, has been excellent. A couple of cold days and a couple of very hot days – but mostly in the 80’s f. and sunny. I’ve taken my time, and have now seen everything I had on my ‘must see’ list. I might look into the ‘busphorus tour bus’ (a hop on, hop off bus) to add on any touristy places I’ve missed. Ferries go everywhere and are extremely affordable – so I’ve been riding them about 4 or 5 times a week. There’s even a ferry tour that costs 65 Turkish Lira ($2.42 USD) and travels the length of the Bosphorus Strait. 1.75 hours there, 1.75 hours back, and 2.5 hours at the last stop. Makes for a nice day outing. The exchange rate here has been around 25%! The economy is in turmoil though – prices have gone up everywhere a couple of times.

Next is a week in Athens, then a few days in Prague, and 9 days in Budapest. After that back to Copenhagen for the flight to Los Angeles where I’ll catch the Coast Starlight train to Seattle. After a month of getting my house there ready for another winter alone, I’ll be back home! Whew!

Photos will be added here as soon as my computer in Mazatlán comes back online! I know that I shouldn’t ever say yes to installing updates when I’m accessing remotely, but I did. Usually I have to wait about a week, and then suddenly the computer will be available for me to log into. so stay tuned for a few photos to come!

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