8 October, 2023

Just a very quick post today for a little gas cylinder news. Mine ran out this morning. I save the receipts so I have their number handy. Gave them a call and they said it’d be between 1 and 2 hours! It usually is between 15 and 30 minutes, but I need the gas and the top ramen cooked just as well in the microwave 🙂

One hour and 15 minutes after the call the delivery guy, Jairo, pulled up. New cylinder in place and he gave me his number and said I could whatsapp him whenever I ran out – and that he’d be here faster than going through the dispatcher. He told me he has a lot of ex-pats who call him directly – so I’m going to give you his number. If you need to have your gas cylinder replaced give Jairo a whatsapp buzz at: Jairo speaks a little English, so I’d think that if you can’t manage to ask for a replacement cylinder in Spanish he can figure your English message out.

And being able to whatsapp him frees me from sitting at the window looking for the truck. Fifteen to thirty minutes isn’t too bad, but seventy-five was a little tedious! Jairo. Whatsapp. Easy peasy.

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