12 December, 2023

El Quelite
Bus to El Quelite

I was thinking that maybe now that I had the bus schedule, I should take the bus to El Quelite and have myself a birthday lunch. So I did.

Prices shown on the previous post have gone up, but the bus I took left almost at 11 am on the dot. It actually left two minutes early, so be sure not to be late!

The details:

  • There’s a bus driver, and a second person who at some point will go through the bus and collect the fares.
  • The bus wasn’t one of the really old rickety ones – it wasn’t new, but it was fairly comfortable and the air conditioning worked!
  • It takes around an hour and a half to an hour and 45 minutes for the trip. Depends on traffic and how many people get on and off every few kilometers along the way 🙂
  • As of today it was 55 pesos each way.
  • The return bus was at 4:30 pm. The bus had been parked up the street from El Mesón de Los Laureanos for a while, so look for it around 4:15 pm.
  • Same time to get back.

The bus was very easy to use, so please don’t hesitate to take a day trip on your own if you would like. The only downside for me is that I’ve been to El Quelite several times and I had about 2 hours of being parked on a bench in their zócalo.

El Mesón de Los Laureanos:

I always go to El Mesón de Los Laureanos, even though there’s a second place that tour groups go – Los Arrieros (and it looks inviting – maybe next time!). I always get the lengua. It’s really good. I mean incredibly good. Usually I get the lengua roja, but today I went with the verde. Incredible. I ate it all. And I ordered a chorreadita as well, and it was a nice addition (it’s a little tortilla with pork fat and cheese). Prices at El Mesón de Los Laureanos are high – this is definitely a special occasion/destination spot for me. My meal, with a glass of jamaica, came to just under $400 pesos with tip. Remember that I usually eat a 70 peso torta ahogada for lunch, so when I spend $500 pesos on lunch (including the ride) then it needs to be a special occasion! Birthday treat was definitely covered, and I did enjoy the whole day.

Do yourself a favor and add day trips using the ‘local’ buses to your agendas – your tummy will thank you!

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