7 January, 2024

The new year brings hope, well wishes, and a brighter outlook on life. In Mazatlán it also brings the annual property tax bill (Predial).

There are two ways I know of to pay the property tax bill. First, I saw a ‘Predial’ sign on the window at Jumapam, so I think you can visit the offices just off of Gabriel Leyva in Centro. You’ll have to navigate the big flight of stairs, so if you’re mobility challenged keep this in mind. Second, you can access your account online at: https://servicios.mazatlan.gob.mx/predial/ . You will need to have your ‘Clave Catastral’ handy … it’s a series of six, three number sections. The first starts with ‘011’. Once you’ve entered the number, click the ‘consultar’ button. This will pull up your tax account. I’ve already paid my taxes, and I didn’t pay much attention – I believe it either just displayed the current year’s billing, or I clicked on another button to do it. This is what it looks like:

Now you’ll have options to pay – I believe it’s another button. Install google translate and translate the page if you can’t determine which one to press. When it comes to the credit card payment, they accepted my Charles Schwab debit card – so it doesn’t have to be a Méxican bank.

If all else fails, you can make the trip to the Jumapam offices and take care of it there. There is a 10% deduction for early payments, so pay early to take advantage! It had been applied to my bill automatically.

That web site, https://servicios.mazatlan.gob.mx, is also where I usually pay my Jumapam bill. They’ve been working on the website for a few months now, and I haven’t been able to get to the place to pay – so I just walk to the offices and do it in person. I need the exercise anyway!

Have a prosperous and healthy new year, and don’t forget to pay your property taxes!

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