18 February, 2024

I’d like to revisit the INAPAM card. I have a post from a few years back when I got mine, but things have changed – and are changing.

There have been reports of residents (permanente and temporal) being turned away from getting an INAPAM card. There have been reports of some offices only issuing them to permanente residents. AND, the location I obtained my card no longer does the processing – so I thought I’d let people know where they need to go.

First, the INAPAM card is government issued to people of 60 or more years of age. It provides many discounts, from travel to drugs, to chicken wings. Each state seems to have agreements with businesses there – so things change when you travel. If you’re in México City and want to use the metro system, you can just show the card to the turnstile guard and they will let you in for free. Many of the long haul buses set aside a few seats for INAPAM card holders, and give them a 50% discount! This really saves on travel. Some people think that using this service takes away from locals who want to use it as well, but I have NEVER seen anyone turned away from using their INAPAM card on a bus. I think the ticket sellers don’t enforce restrictions (if they exist). The card also gets you complimentary entrance to almost all INAH museums and archaeological sites.

Ok. So some people have reported that the requirements for getting the card are different. I suggest you plan on a couple of trips to the office to get a card. The first one to ask what you need to provide, and then the second to give them what they asked for. When I got mine, I needed a couple of ‘infantile’ size photos, a copy of my passport, a copy of my residency card, a utility bill in my name, and I believe a copy of my CURP.

Offices used to be at one of the DIF locations on Constitución, but are now at the Bienestar Social offices on Gabriel Leyva, across from the Escuela Náutica. Here’s a google map link to the correct building – https://www.google.com/maps/….. You can even see a big banner saying they process INAPAM cards!

If anyone tries to get an INAPAM card and has more information about the requirements at our local Mazatlán office, please send me a note so I can update this post!

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