25 March, 2019

Got up early and decided to spend a couple of hours over on La Isla de la Piedra. It was just a tiny bit chilly, but the water is warming up quite nicely – I imagine in a month it’ll be quite enjoyable to walk in. After a cerveza and some guacamole I took the long walk home. It got my fitbit to show fireworks for my 10k steps!

I have a trip to Puerto Vallarta coming up. It’s only for three nights/four days. Just a quick getaway to meet up with a friend from my Seattle neighborhood. We grew up on the same street, and were born three days apart. I believe she told me she’s been there before, but hasn’t yet made it to either the zoo or the botanical gardens. I’m going to try to talk her into my favorite Puerto Vallarta past time, skydiving with Skydive Vallarta! Soooo much fun!

Now that I have residency, insurance, and the senior discount card I’ll be planning excursions to other new and interesting places! I REALLY want to go back to both Las Barrancas del Cobre and Teotihuacan, but there’s so much of México I haven’t seen that I feel it would be better to strike out for the unknown. Manzanillo, Puerto Escondido, and Acapulco are on the short list, and I’ve got a trip to Europe planned for late September. It’ll be my first trip to Europe, and I’m only there two weeks – perhaps I’ll miss my flight home and have to extend my stay?

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