7 September, 2019

Adventures in Mazatlán: Seattle Edition

Other than really good Asian food, I’ve discovered one thing about the United States that I miss – water pressure! And I even have an on-demand pump on my water line in Mazatlán! But here, my shower is crazy strong! I can spend 10 minutes in the shower and feel as clean as 25 back home in Mazatlán. Sigh. Sometimes it’s the little things 🙂

Tried to kill myself the other day doing yard work! The incursion of morning glory didn’t seem to care that I put down plastic tarps – it grew under them! I’m not allergic to poison ivy. I’m not allergic to poison oak. Morning glory gives me itchy hives, and I’ve discovered that more prolonged contact results in something that looks like burns. And it made me nauseous for a day. From now on it’s long sleeved shirts when going anywhere near morning glory!

It took a week to get my meds refilled, but I finally got them! Tried for 180 day refill, but they only gave me 90. I’ll take it though as I was *almost* out. I should have filled up before I left México. Live and learn!

We just had a quick thunderstorm. 30 minutes of thunder, lightning, and cold rain. I don’t miss the cold, and I finally understand why my Aunt who lived in Phoenix was always complaining she was cold! 72 during summer is NOT warm. I mean, how can you sit on the beach and have an enjoyable day? Oh, that’s right – that’s why I moved to Mazatlán!

I’ve gotten most of my chores, minus some yard work, done so tomorrow I’m treating myself to Chinese buffet. They have never ending mounds of shrimp available, and they let me practice my Mandarin on them without laughing! It’s a win-win!

A week from Monday is my flight to Boston connecting to Toronto connecting to Paris! I remembered to order the power adapters and some folding clothes hangers so I’m all ready to go! I just need to decide if I’m going to bring my dslr camera, or if I’m going to stick with my Olympus TG-4 (which I highly recommend – it’s water resistant and shock proof, and it takes very decent photos).

Fun, fun, fun!

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